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Welcome to our Spring Newsletter!

There have been some changes here at MSA and all of them small but positive. We have installed a new kitchen, switched to a fantastic voip phone system, welcomed more great clients, and have appointed a new Director. Alison joined the board in February and whilst her existing operational role will not change, she remains very excited for the future with MSA. “Although we all still face many challenges, we are concentrating on moving forward and supporting our clients in the best way we can, focussing all of our energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Amongst the uncertainty and stress, there are still opportunities through diversity and reinvention.

We hope you enjoy the small successes at this time, as they will be the foundation for recovery and growth, both personally and as an organisation.

The Team at MS Associates


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The negative impact of COVID-19 on customer service will be felt for years to come, with many industries finding the economic and moral balance particularly challenging. Businesses will continue to face difficult decisions throughout 2021, with many opting for more robust adherence to their terms and conditions, than they perhaps did in previous years. Most companies remain customer focused and have sought to work collaboratively with other industry providers, supporting and protecting their industry through information sharing, which has strengthened the services and product delivery offered to their collective client base. This diverse and positive approach has gone a long way to helping companies and their employees remain productive and hopefully securing their long-term survival. We do, however, remain mindful that with every positive, there will always be a negative and this has been demonstrated by the increase in businesses virtually calling out others who are presumed to be doing something wrong or perceived not to be working within the government guidelines, or their interpretation of them. This virtual shaming approach can only be divisive and reveals a lack of emotional business intelligence. COVID-19 has changed our world and the way that we work in an extraordinarily short time. It is becoming increasingly evident that we will have to live with and adapt to these changes for a long time and it is far from certain that we will ever return to life as it was before the pandemic. These changes bring with them great challenges and risks. However, in our view there are also great opportunities, and these can be achieved where business leaders are able to move from a crisis management mindset to thinking about how to run their businesses differently, with a strong focus on employee culture, safety, customer service and collaboration. Firms that get this wrong run the risk of poor conduct, low staff morale and ultimately, weak future performance. However, those that find ways to nudge behaviours in the right direction have the chance to build business models through resilient transitions that adapt to the new circumstances with positive results.


Throughout the COVID 19 Pandemic there has been an undercurrent of concern about a component of health that has been a taboo subject for large sections of society for many years. Mental Health, or rather poor mental health. With influential figures and role models like HRH Prince William and Tyson Fury the WBO Heavyweight Champion of the world speaking openly, poor mental health amongst men has been gaining traction in the mainstream media. The conversations have started and the actions are being planned, but there’s still a long way to go.

We caught up with Andy Bishop, Founder of ManGang, a peer support group for men who might be struggling with their mental health. Inspired by his own struggles with mental illness, and encouraged by the response to telling his own story about his journey with poor mental health and suicide, the ManGang was launched in 2019. Since then, ManGang has helped around 400 men from all backgrounds and ages. It also caters for men with addiction problems, who are lonely, or having a bad time at work as anything out of routine can be a source of stress. With a focus on listening, rather than fixing, peer support groups like ManGang, can reach those men who wouldn’t seek help otherwise.


The Red Cross free app features simple, easy-to-learn skills for a range of first aid situations, as well as tips on how to prepare for emergencies, from severe winter weather to road traffic accidents.
It is an ideal tool to help people in an emergency situation, as it is easy to navigate, has the very latest and most effective first aid techniques and can offer users the confidence to address a challenging situation and may even save lives. 

All the information you need is all hosted on the app itself, which means no internet connection is needed, making it fast and easy to access.

Available to download, for free, on Android and iPhone.


An unsafe building site is a health and safety risk, but it is also a liability risk. If construction companies or building site managers do not adhere to H&S standards, the business could be fined, sued, or even banned from operating. So, regular site safety inspections are vital and currently all our site safety visits are going ahead, as we continue to work closely with our clients to ensure they have effective health and safety precautions in place, drastically reducing the risk of injury and illness. 

Please continue to book your site inspections as normal and our team of highly experienced advisors are available to work with you at every step of your project.


Site Visits * RAMS * CDM * Accident Investigation * Scaffold Inspection


Jigsaw puzzling is back and helping people relax and kill time during lockdown. With 1000’s of themes, there is truly something for everyone and most are reasonably priced. Pop on some music, grab your favourite drink and enjoy creating a masterpiece. 

Find your inner artist, you know it’s in there! You don’t have to be good, just have a go and let your imagination run wild. Started art kits are reasonably priced, with a choice of paints, but watercolour is a great starting point for beginners. Online tutorials and books are easily accessible and are packed with tips for the beginner. Hey, you might be the next Picasso!

Now is a great time to start sowing seeds, even if only on a small balcony, outside space or a windowsill. Go crazy with plants you have never grown before, which are easier to grow than you think! Try chillies, peppers, dwarf avocados, garlic greens, lemons or mini sweetcorn. Grow your own! 

Host a virtual dinner party. Invite your guests, pick the menu you all want to cook. Set your table like it’s Christmas (fancy), and enjoy a lovely meal with great company. You could even take it up a level and make it themed or fancy dress!

Now is the perfect time to start your family history journey by having a dig around on Ancestry.co.uk. It’s fun and easy and who knows, you might even be related to the royal family without realising it.