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We all know the usual methods to assist in making your office eco-friendlier (print only when necessary, use recycled paper, turn off electronics etc.), so here’s 5 innovative ways that you can help, that you may not have thought of:


  1. Branded Reusable Cups and Water Bottles

Providing the office and your clients with reusable branded eco cups or water bottles, is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability. It sends out a strong message that your organisation is forward-thinking and socially responsible.

Whether you give them as part of a promotion, sell them, or provide them as standard in your workplace, you can be sure that your branded eco cups or water bottles will be used day-in, day-out, creating a lasting positive impact for your brand as well as on the environment.


  1. Plant Life

Deck out the office with greenery or encourage staff to bring in a desk plant to improve indoor air quality and bring a touch of nature into the office environment.

There are many benefits to plants in the office, including:

  • Plants produce more oxygen and help to reduce stress.
  • They help to increase productivity, reduce sickness and absence rates.
  • They make workspaces more attractive to job applicants.
  • They clean the air and help to reduce noise levels.
  • They can boost creativity.


  1. Create Monthly Green Challenges

Monthly team challenges can be a fun way of combining competition and going green.

For example, you can challenge the office to go a month with no plastic bottles or disposable cups, or to reduce the amount of paper used, by allocating each team a set amount of reams, then rewarding those who stick with it by offering small prizes, such as coffee gift cards or vouchers.


  1. Eco-Friendly Pens

Using an environmentally friendly pen doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. In fact, you may even be using one already without realising it.

Many are already extremely popular due to their great quality and performance, and just like the reusable cups, you can brand them for promotional or networking events, once again highlighting your organisation’s commitment to the environment.


  1. Sell, Donate and Titivate.

It’s no secret that consuming vast amounts of energy and resources is damaging our planet and adding to climate change, so why not look at reselling, donating and upcycling your office furniture.

This way you would be helping to prevent trees being destroyed unnecessarily to produce new products, saving the energy it takes to manufacture new furniture and destroying the old stuff – or continuing to enjoy a great piece of furniture, by giving it a creative facelift. (using eco friendly products, of course!)