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In 2020, a lot has happened, but nothing as significant than the impact of the global pandemic, which saw millions of businesses closed overnight, employees and managers alike, told to stay at home. After a very challenging few months, companies are emerging from lockdown and are clearly focused on getting back to normal, whatever shape that now takes.

In the face of such diversity, we are all working hard to motivate our teams, with the main goal being to get our companies back on track. With a battered and bruised economy, confusion over the ever changing guidance and companies large and small limping back into the commercial arena, we have been working to help our clients with this transitional period and have been encouraged by the strength and resilience shown by so many.

This significant world-shaping event has introduced a new era of human interaction across the globe, which will realistically affect our day to day routines, impacting the way that companies operate from day to day for years to come.

Training and Development remain a key motivational and productive tool and is vital to the stability of any organisation at this vulnerable time. The kneejerk reaction would understandably be to abandon training and developing the workforce, saving the company’s budget for other areas of the business.

However, this may prove short sighted, as the workforce return to their jobs and business as usual.

Training does not have to be expensive and the overall impact can bring very real rewards to the business.

  • Stimulated and motivated employees
  • Illuminate mental health issues, brought on by anxiety of potential job loss or isolation issues during lockdown
  • Improve Health and Safety standards and reduce accidents
  • Develop new skills to increase productivity
  • Improve quality of the product or services during regrowth
  • Remain competent and compliant within your industry
  • Increases moral within the organisation
  • Remain relevant and essential within your industry
  • Increase capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Increase production efficiency, resulting in financial gain

Training providers have remained at the forefront when introducing new technology or adapting to industry and Government driven compliance and training guidelines, and this is no different in the post-COVID-19 workplace.

M S Associates offer an excellent roadmap to help our clients find the best route back, to suit their needs and budgets. We can look at virtual training, as well as a return to the classroom, with many venues opening and trainers returning to face to face training.

We can help with Training and development guidance:

  • Health and Safety courses online or in the classroom.
  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment Pack.
  • COVID-19 Workplace Compliance Assessments.
  • Site Safety Inspections, posters, and document pack.

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